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mb21 is a personal site run by Mike Brown. If you want to contact me for some reason, please read this first:

  • mb21 is not a broadcaster or broadcasting companyo
  • I do not work at Emley Moor tower and in any case there are no tours and you cannot go up it.
  • I do not work for Ceefax, Teletext or any  other broadcasting company
  • I am not responsible for broadcasting policies
  • If you want to ask a question about any aspect of teletext, please don't write to me, join the Teletext Chat mailing list and ask it there
  • I cannot find or book you a holiday!

I make these points explicitly because a surprising number of people waste their time - and mine - by writing to me about matters with which I have no involvement or influence. So... if you write to me about anything like that I will either ignore you or write back to let you know how silly you are! But my bark is much worse than my bite...

If you've read and understood the above and still want to contact me go ahead and click the button!

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