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Which mailing list?

The TX Gallery is supported by two mail mailing lists:

  1. The tx-list is intended for the discussion of all subjects relating to broadcast transmitter sites and transmission related topics. Typical subjects include finding and photographing sites, contributing to th mb21 site, questions about the material and info on the web site, broadcasting techniques and equipment, data rates, transmitter coverage etc. Divergence into reception issues and off-topic discussion is not encouraged. Any discussion which does range off-topic will be expected to be taken to rx-chat...

  2. Rx-chat is a spin-off from the main tx-list and is for chat about any and all reception issues. Here discussion is likely to be wider-ranging and include off-topic issues including those which spill over from the main tx-list.

    There are also two further lists which those visiting this site may find of interest:

  3. The Wirelist is for discussion of anything radio-related - vintage radio, current radio, equipment, sound quality, esoteria, whatever.

  4. The Audio-list is, believe it or not, about anything audio related - sound recording, mastering, processing, restoration - everything from cylinders and 78s through to mp4 and FLAC.

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